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Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vacuum aluminum foil bags, anti-static aluminum foil bags, anti-static vacuum bags, self-reliance aluminum foil bags, gas-phase rust-proof paper, gas-phase anti-static Anti-static anti-rust bags, cobalt-free humidity card, export of goods moisture, export goods, mold, cobalt-free halogen-free humidity card, magnesium chloride desiccant, shielding bags, anti-static anti-rust bags, anti-static anti-rust bags, Manufacturers of high-absorbent desiccant manufacturers, clothing desiccant manufacturers, shoe desiccant manufacturers, dried fruit desiccant manufacturers, environmental protection aluminum foil bag manufacturers, pharmaceutical foil manufacturers, food aluminum foil bags manufacturers, anti-absorbent desiccant manufacturers, Electrostatic vacuum bag manufacturers, Guangdong vacuum bag manufacturers, anti-static shielding bag manufacturers, gas-phase anti-rust film manufacturers, food and drug desiccant manufacturers. The company has the most advanced level of the desiccant packaging production lines, the first domestic mechanized humidity card production line, moisture-proof bags of mechanized production lines and have a first-class professional and technical team, equipped with high-precision testing equipment, has passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality System certification, the product has passed the high standards of today's test: SIMT national test center certification, product quality to reach the US military standard MIL-D-346E, the German standard DIN55473

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